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  • Our Kahani aur Kahanikar experience!

    Mallika and I volunteered to help Shikha with a Teacher Training Workshop at Ankur Vidyamandir, an inclusive school located in the Fergusson College Campus. The workshop, a very interesting experience, was the first of its kind that I attended. It dealt with preparing the teachers for the ‘Kahani aur Kahanikar’ program. Mallika says, “It was… Continue reading »

  • A Volunteer’s take-away from a teacher training workshop.

    In the previous training session of Kahani aur Kahanikar – two groups were made, the observers and the story-tellers. The story tellers were put into pairs. In each pair, one person was asked to choose any object of their own and write a story on it. The other person in the pair also had to… Continue reading »

  • Helping facilitate a workshop.

      I attended a series of sessions for the ‘Kahani aur Kahanikar’ program with the students and the class teachers of three of the classes at Ankur Vidyamandir school. As opposed to the earlier workshop, where I worked only with teachers, this workshop was different, though both had elements of storytelling involved. This workshop included… Continue reading »

  • Kahani aur Kahanikar

    कहानी और  कहानीकार   A कहानी is a story. A कहानीकार is a story teller. Mention story telling to adults with respect to children and many adults automatically think of a story as something they must tell children. Something they must read to children, something they must dramatically sing, dance or otherwise impress children with. The… Continue reading »

  • ‘Parents meet at Ankur Vidyamandir, an inclusive school (3)

    (This is Part 3 of a three part piece.)   I had been listening, observing and making notes thus far. I noted for example, that parents of children with disabilities spoke of the discomfort they sometimes feel when out in public spaces with their kids. One mother particularly spoke of how other children in the… Continue reading »

  • ‘Parents meet at Ankur Vidyamandir, an inclusive school (2)

    (This is Part 2 of a three part piece.)   The session began with an introduction by Madhuri, where she briefly outlined the plan for the meeting. It was a three-in-one event, beginning with stress busting, moving on to a session on complementary and alternative healing therapies with Dr. Apurva Sant, a practitioner of Sujok… Continue reading »

  • ‘Parents meet at Ankur Vidyamandir, an inclusive school (1)

    (This is Part 1 of a three part piece) A parent explained that they cover up and compensate for the hurtful attitude displayed by other children in the park, by playing together with their child, so that he does not miss playing with the other children and does not notice their uneasiness with him. All… Continue reading »

  • ‘What is care?’ Talking to the volunteers (Part 2)

    (Asterilla, one of our volunteers from Fergusson, Pune, interviewed her team mates to capture their experiences working on ‘What is care?’ This is part 2 of that interview. Part 1 is here.)   What do you think was the most challenging task right from conception to execution? Mallika: I think there was no specific thing… Continue reading »

  • ‘What is care?’ Talking to the volunteers behind this campaign.

    Here is a small sneak peek into the thoughts of the volunteers from Fergusson College, Mallika Padhi and Madhura Deshmukh, the driving forces behind the campaign. What would be your most valuable learning from the people you interacted with during the campaign? Mallika: When we came up with the idea that we will work on… Continue reading »

  • What is Care?

      During the ‘What is care?’ campaign, from 7th to 11th March 2017, our volunteers – Mallika, Asterilla and Madhura from Fergusson College, Pune – posted one edited short video a day on the Facebook event page, with bytes from people they had interviewed, asking them, ‘What is care?’. Along with these interview bytes, we shared posters  highlighting… Continue reading »

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