Living with the people I call family, with parents, children, spouse, partner, sibling, or the extended family of friends and flatmate, offers a great security – being looked after if I fall ill or fracture a leg.

The flip side is that if someone in the family falls sick, I’ve got to pitch in, call the doc, cook khichri or soup, be nicer than I normally am, not scream and shout if I forget my keys and my folder as I run out of the door with six extra jobs to do.

Most of us have been in both situations for short periods of time… But many of us are in either situation for long and sometimes life-long periods of time. This changes everything.

That’s the reason behind trying to set up a link between caregivers, resources, support networks and information.

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We think caregivers need to be looked after too.

A lot of caregivers will tell you they need sleep. Sometimes they need work. They need a holiday. But in lieu of that, would be happy to get some time out, to chill for a bit, go window shopping. Friends who will phone, fix a convenient time and drop by. Resources to help with their role. Resources to help themselves deal with fatigue, loneliness, the blues.

One of the first of these links, Swapna Kishore, is a caregiver to her mom, (a dementia patient). Swapna is a blogger and a resource person in the area of caregiving for dementia (such as Alzheimer’s). Her site and blog have helped us contact many others and it is through networks like this that we hope Caregivers Link will evolve into a support community for caregivers both online and onsite.

There are already some people out there sharing their experiences, thoughts and feelings; they are resources, caregiver-bloggers, people we connected with and who gave us a special boost, because they believe in creating a caregiver community. Link to The Caregivers’ Foundation founded by Ekta Hattangady… and to Archana’s blog here .