The Delhi Team

Our work in Delhi is being put together, brick by brick, by a diverse team of people at varying levels of professional experience and expertise, all of whom are volunteering their time, energy and commitment alongside of the demands of their daily lives.

(The team that you will meet on this page, has put together a wish list of things needed for their work at a recent brainstorming session. Do take a look at the Wish List – we hope you will help us gather some of these things.)

Gracy Andrew
A clinical psychologist by profession and a certified therapist and trainer in Inter personal therapy. She has been associated with Sangath society a Goan based NGO since it’s inception and worked in the organization in various capacities including being the program head of the adolescent program for several years and Executive Director for two years. Though still associated with Sangath, presently she is the country manager for CorStone an NGO based in the US but in the process of setting up a program for young girls in various parts of India. An experienced qualitative researcher, she has worked as a consultant to a number of organizations. She is co-author to several publications like the report on the Adolescent Health Needs study, Teachers Toolkit, Barefoot Counseling Manual and other scientific papers. She has been also involved in developing various intervention programs for young people and has conducted a large number of training programs in the area of mental health and adolescent health.

Karan Mehta
Karan is a keen animal lover determined to make a difference. Along with Tequila (his labrador) and through Caregivers Link, he hopes to touch and improve the lives of differently-abled children.

His interests include – Books, travel, mountain biking , trekking and sports.

Neha Naqvi
Neha Naqvi has been an advocate for human rights and gender justice since 2004. She firmly believes in the arts for development movement and that animals are the universal keepers of love and magic.

Nilanjana Mukherjee
Since graduating from TISS, Nilanjana has worked in several organizations across sectors and feels that this has helped her develop a more nuanced understanding of the various issues that are integral to development. Her experience as a lecturer while she was pursuing her M.Phil from Nagpur University has helped her understand the dynamism required in the pedagogy of education so as to enable a student to achieve his/her true potential. She has focused on elder care, adoption, governance and worked with persons who are differently-abled. At present she volunteers as well as free-lances with many organizations.

Poorvaja Kumar
Poorvaja Kumar is a social development professional with an enriching field experience in India and other internationally diverse environments. She has an MSc in Health, Community and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and a Masters in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, India. Music, dance or drama; all creative expressions have had the power to carry her through anything. Formal training in music and drama has played a vital role in strengthening her pursuit in social development. Dance specifically has given her a sense of fulfillment and has aroused in others a sense of joy, in turn giving her a stronger reason to go on – a reason greater than just ambition. Today, she is a Dance Movement Therapist certified by the International Dance Council-UNESCO and it is her objective to create social awareness and ensure a greater degree of inclusive participation in overall community development. Poorvaja aspires to create movements, music and dance and use them effectively for social communication.

Saumya Gupta
Saumya Gupta is an amalgamation of psyches and genres. She believes that music liberates you and photography entraps you. She does a lot of both to retain inertia. Being inspired everyday is the surprise of each day. She is always open to weirdness and crazy which may include talking randomly to strangers on the street. She is still looking for real art because if everything is art, then what is art?

Interests – Food, Books, Different kinds of music, Talk shows, Blogs, Photography, Travel, Crazy and People.

Tulika Mehra
Tulika graduated from Delhi University, did a Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education from Action for Abilities, Development and Inclusion (AADI- formerly The Spastics Society of Northern India). She followed her work experience with AADI with an M.A. in Social Work, from TISS. Since 2006, she has been associated with a number of NGOs and presently works with NIIT Foundation (NF) a not-for-profit organization which works with youth from urban slums, on the issue of employability. She also volunteers with organizations that work with stray animals as this is very close to her heart.

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