Our friends, some old, some new!

Thanking our extended, current, network of sounding boards, supporters and friends, many of whom we count on, randomly and all the time.

Our work in Delhi was put together by a fantastic team that worked side-by-side with Janet. Read up on them here – The Delhi team.

Our Pune team from Fergusson College is of great help, and are shifting and moving things about, despite hectic academic schedules and very full personal lives and stories. Read Mallika’s blog – Pune volunteers speak.

I particularly thank Kamal Kumar and Ranjan Chopra, both of whom have  supported us for years with their professional expertise, time and energy into handling matters of our compliances, accounts and returns.

In the beginning there were those who patiently heard us out, shared their experiences, gave us valuable gyan. Read what some of our first and early Friends and supporters had to say.

A big thank you to the folks listed here:-  (This list of names is in no particular order and while we hope it is comprehensive, we may have left out some people by accident and error. For this we apologise.)

Rajkumar Jha
Shefali Malhoutra
Nidhi Anthony
Seema S Das
Anju Galer
Ujwala and Ramesh
Averil Gomes
Sophie Murphy
Swapna Kishore
Prabha Nagaraja
Nita Shetty
Veronica George
Sohini Bhattacharya
Shilpa Ahluwalia
Nicole Rangel
Aruna Kashyap
Madhumita Chakraborty
Janaki Balakrishnan
Revathi Sethuraman
Radhika Chandiramani
Kajol Menon
Nipa Bhansali
Nalini Srivastava
Bhargavi V Davar (Bapu Trust for Research on Mind and Discourse)
Aparna Mittal (Patients Engage)