Our sponsors.

The generosity and faith of individual sponsors, some of whom have contributed over the years more than once, enables us to have a bank account with inflow to handle the outflow. Thank you warmly:-

Rajkumar Jha
Shefali Malhoutra
Seema S Das

Ujwala and Ramesh
Anju Galer
Subha Hari
Prabha Nagaraja
Gracy Andrew
Radhika Chandiramani

Many people have shown interest in the work we do. We always feel a tiny sense of having ‘got it right’, when we are told that the issues we focus on are important and fall through the cracks of efforts and intervention programs. It is possible for us to ‘do’, when we have the resources to do. To some of you, we made requests for sponsorship of some of our running and program related expenses and you responded with love and generosity. Others have reached out to us with money, ready to sponsor and put your financial support behind our work, a huge encouragement. Most people work within some constraints, so we’re not complaining. We are pointing out that to do more, we need your help.

Please email caregiverslink@gmail.com
Or catch Shikha at – shikha.aleya@gmail.com
Janet at – care.janet@gmail.com
Devashri at – devashri.mukherjee@gmail.com
You could also sms 91-9819842520 and fix a time to chat.