Our wish-list!

Following up on our proposed Delhi activities with institutions and individuals, Janet and our volunteers sat and brainstormed over nimbu paani. Together they have planned two kinds of intervention:-

(1) Counselling (Individual, Group and Distance counselling)
(2) interventional activities (recreational and therapeutic) at institutions – this involves outreach through institutions focusing on different service users across challenges to health and ability.

Counselling remains within the framework set for it by Janet and Gracy due to the particular nature and requirements of this program, including expertise, confidentiality and process.

Activities being planned include a number of exciting recreational and potentially therapeutic components, dependent currently on the skills and experiences brought by our volunteers to the pool. These include, for different participants across age, ability and interest, a mixed pack of sports, dance and movement therapy, story telling, animal assisted activity, art, music and other tools in the kit under constant make-over!

This is where we need you :-) We have a wish list to help us get ahead and get going.

(Before going any further we warmly thank Marc Hildreth for his generous contribution, a laptop, much needed and much appreciated! Marc also suggested that we throw our wish list out into the wider world and ask you to take a look at it too.)

So … Apart from the possibility of your involvement and /or the possibility of your financially sponsoring some of this work, we really could do with some equipment and accessories! It’s fine if they’re second hand, but need to be in good condition and perfectly usable. These include:-

(1) A camera (digital)
(2) A camcorder (digital)
(3) Speakers (what kind)
(4) Headphones
(5) Sports equipment
(6) Board games (with all pieces and bits intact please!)
(7) Luggage bags, such as strolleys and duffels to keep and carry equipment in
(8) Art materials of all kinds and varieties – paper (including coloured paper), paints, crayons, pencils, felt pens, brushes, chart paper, clay/plasticine etc.
(9) Stationary – note books, pens, colouring books that are unused
(9) Musical instruments of all kinds
(10) Toys/puzzles/games
(11) Illustrated story books for children.

As much as we want all of these things and more, it’s you we want the most! Give Janet a call/SMS (+91-9810520543) or e-mail care.janet@gmail.com and come and meet us, all of what we’re doing has room in it for helping hands and heads.