Plans in the pipeline include:-

  • The creation of caregiver support groups and information hubs in different cities through a network of links with caregivers, care and health service organisations, NGOs working in the field of health, gender, disability and law, medical institutions such as colleges, research centres and hospitals, corporate sector entities and government initiatives and institutions.
  • Creating, building, maintaining an increasing resource bank of data pertinent to caregiving and caregivers requirements.
  • Email query service and responding to Caregiver’s questions
  • Mobile counselling and mobile services
  • Volunteers unit
  • Awareness campaigns on caregiving issues amongst caregivers and the wider community
  • Caregivers helpline
  • Caregivers extension service – training towards creating family caregiving models

We have taken some small steps in the direction of  some of these plans – we are looking at building the network of links … we believe that each person reading this has either personal experience and skills or professional resources and capacities that could contribute to building an increasingly strong Caregivers Link.

We hope to hear from you – post your thoughts or mail us.