Vision & Mission

Caregivers Link began its work by focusing upon the caregiver. We have evolved over the years to an understanding of care relationships that puts the individual with care needs, their caregivers, family, peers, and care professionals together, at the centre of the care narrative.

“We believe that all persons in a care relationship are entitled to a healthy and happy life, and so must have a support system of people and resources coming together with the unique situation of care, providing a common focus.”

Mission: “To link persons in care relationships with each other and with the larger community of people, organisations, services and resources on the same platform. The aim is to create an environment of care, understanding and multi-dimensional support through a comprehensive approach that includes, among other strategic activities:-

– Increasing visiblity and awareness of the care situation through education, awareness and sensitisation activities, including amongst caregivers themselves who tend to put their own needs last;

– Keeping the caregiver in focus, addressing a wide range of issues that include mental, spiritual and emotional health, home based & part-time employment generation, rest & taking-a-break, access to available information on medical and paramedical and financial support, sharing experiences and dealing with isolation, and other problems that emerge or are identified during work in progress;

– Initiating and helping to sustain activities and collaborations that put diverse information and resources within the reach of all persons in a care situation.