Caregiver support groups

We are happy to connect local Caregiver support groups with communities of caregivers.  This space on the website is being provided to expand the reach of local support groups so that more people who are carers of persons with health and ability challenges are able to find or create similar support groups.

Click here for SAATHI (Ahmedabad) – support for carers of persons with schizophrenia.


  1. Devashri Mukherjee says:

    Hello Debashish, While we do not have a specific source, perhaps you could check with if they are able to help?

  2. Debasish says:

    I urgently need a attendant at Bangalore for my son suffering from psychotic disorder . Please help me out urgently. My contact no. is +919831166771

    1. admin says:

      @ Debashish – We may need more information, so will request you to fill in the survey form on this site, which you may access here –
      Would you please also post your request on the Facebook Group page so that more people see it? You could visit the page and ‘Join’ here –
      We will check and try to find out some resources and then get back to you.

    2. Swapna Kishore says:

      There are lots of agencies that supply attendants in Bangalore, but not all may be suitable for your needs, so you will have to check them out.

      A possible way of getting the names and phone numbers of agencies is calling up the elder helpline (as most people need attendants for elders at home): 1090 OR 080-22943226

      NIMHANS is another place where the helpdesk/ nursing staff may have list of suitable agencies, as persons who consult at NIMHANS may be needing such attendants for their wards.

      I am not sure the following links would be useful, but here is a link of a parents association, who may know of attendants who help with disabled children. Some such information may fit your need. And here is another where they may be able to give you pointers:

      Hope this helps.

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