‘Parents meet at Ankur Vidyamandir, an inclusive school (2)

(This is Part 2 of a three part piece.)

Ankur Vidyamandir - Parents meet.

Ankur Vidyamandir – Parents meet.


The session began with an introduction by Madhuri, where she briefly outlined the plan for the meeting. It was a three-in-one event, beginning with stress busting, moving on to a session on complementary and alternative healing therapies with Dr. Apurva Sant, a practitioner of Sujok therapy, and finally a short conversation with me, connecting these care families to Caregivers Link.


Shalini took over next and made her presentation, asking and answering questions that progressed from the basics of stress to the specifics of some stress management techniques.



Shalini talks about stress management.

Shalini talks about stress management.

What is stress?
What are the impacts of stress?
What are the ways in which we experience the effects of stress in daily life? (Being disconnected from the environment and surroundings. Not being present in the moment. Mental lack of clarity.)
Through her presentation, Shalini spoke of the experience of stress in the body, ie, the physical symptoms of stress.

Having worked with these families for a while, she was able to articulate multiple issues that had emerged from their conversations in the past. One such issue was about the stress faced by a primary caregiver when a spouse or partner ignores and seeks escape from the reality of raising a child with a disability. Shalini emphasised that looking for solutions is important, but first we need to identify our stressors.



Taking time out to talk about stress.

Taking time out to talk about stress.

The key part of her presentation identified possible steps to deal with stress, including first of all, gaining knowledge and education about the circumstances or situation of disability that we are dealing with. She emphasised the point that rather than focus on perceived negatives and weaknesses, it is important to identify your child’s strengths and sharpen and build potential ability and capacity.

There was considerable engagement and interaction across parents and staff members. Even staff seized the opportunity to speak of stress, not as staff members, but as parents.

The session ended with a tea break during which Shalini played a video presentation on stress and stress management.



Stress busting was followed by an interaction with Dr. Apurva Sant, facilitated by Mayuresh, the mental health professional at Ankur. Dr. Sant spoke of the importance of working with energy for the purpose of healing. They explained that Sujok is an alternative healing practice involving a combination of colour therapy, magnet therapy and acupressure, all methods that have found some success in their application for behavioural issues and the challenges of development delay.


Mayuresh talks about Sujok therapy.

Mayuresh talks about Sujok therapy.


Mayuresh shared his immediate and most recent experience of allopathic medication, heavily dependant on antibiotics, versus magnet therapy. As he said, just a day or two before this meet, he was unable to speak due to illness. When given an allopathic prescription, he did some homework and discovered that it comprised a massive quantum of antibiotics. He chose the option of Sujok therapy, it worked very well for him, and he spoke about it from his personal experience.



Participants showed great interest in this alternative and there was a short but intense question answer session. Another parent spoke of her child who underwent surgery and had complications and unwanted consequences. Then she tried Sujok and found that it had excellent results. There was much cheering when Madhuri announced that Dr. Sant has agreed to spend some time offering this therapy at Ankur to students and families who would like to explore this option.

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‘Parents meet at Ankur Vidyamandir, an inclusive school.
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