Email from A.M. Suyasheii

We received this email today, January 14th 2016, from an old friend and supporter of Caregivers Link who would like to address the issue of caregiver isolation, using internet platforms for creating informal interaction and connection space. We are uploading the text of this email here and if this strikes a chord with you, leave a comment. All comments are moderated. Kindly respect the intent and spirit behind this email.

Dear Shikha,

Thank you so much for your time, and it was great talking to you again.

As discussed, some primary (solo) caregivers become isolated to a large extent due to the
exigencies of their care situations.

The less they are able to freely move out, the more the outside world (friends, careers,
outings for fun) seems to withdraw too! Many friendships and associations wither due to
lack of common ground.

I have been in just such a care situation since 2009, and would like to suggest Skype as a
space for for carers to connect face-to-face and share.

Of course, the connections would be based on the comfort level of individual caregivers
and should not be thought of a platform for any other agendas than:

1. Sharing care issues and solutions (NOT medical advice of any sort please; just
strategies of managing time, and morale for instance)

2. Setting targets for self-growth and self-care and encouraging each other on that path

3. Maybe even identifying hobby projects.

A.M. Suyasheii


  1. A.M. Suyasheii says:

    Dear Caregivers Link team,

    I would like to express my grateful thanks for all the support shown to me during my care situation by Janet and Shikha, and in the earlier period for the kindness shown to me by Swapna. My father passed away on January 31st this year.

    I shall always remember you all with gratitude, and my best wishes to Caregivers Link always.

    1. admin says:

      Dear AM Suyasheii,

      Thank you for your patience with us, through the many times we were not able to be of practical use to you in your situation. It has been a long journey of learning for us, and continues so. We are grateful that we were able to provide some support at any point with some of the issues you were dealing with.

      We wish you all the best. You remain an important part of the link.

  2. A.M. Suyasheii says:

    Dear Mr Bhaskar,

    Thanks for responding to this mail so kindly put up by Caregivers Link.

    A strong caregiver network, especially for those who do not really leave the home, is a goal we continue to work toward and hope for.

    with best regards
    A.M. Suyasheii

  3. bhaskar says:

    Thanks for sharing this, full agree ..and i feel/think, this is the need of the hour considering by day…unit families are becoming the norm…and caregiver in these unit families have the potential of experiencing what Suyasheli have shared…skype and any other communication tool would be the ideal platform which may help caregiver not to feel isolated…

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