Care 7 days 7 stories

Care relationships surround us. Yet we don’t speak much of care. People in care relationships have a lot to deal with, each day. Time, space, energy, family and social pressure, work, finances, juggling the multiple awkwardly shaped objects of life and living, all this makes it difficult to sit down and tell you a long story.  So we requested 7 participants to share 7 short, micro stories, by image and a very few words, that can give us a glimpse into an aspect of their care experiences. This was an online awareness and visibility campaign, with one micro-story a day, from the 01st to the 07th of December 2015. Consider this a reaching out to invite you in.

Day 01
December 01st, 2015

Day 02
December 02nd, 2015

Day 03
December 03rd, 2015

Day 04
December 04th, 2015

Day 05
December 05th, 2015

Day 06
December 06th, 2015

Asha: the warmth of hope.

Day 07
December 07th, 2015

People in care relationships may be caregivers, persons who receive care, use care services or have special needs because of the experience of disability. They do not have the support, services or the understanding they need, that comes from awareness and knowledge in the environment around them. This includes the environment of the family, immediate and extended, the environment at work, or the social environment of friendships, gatherings and recreation.

We sent a note on this campaign to our participants and you can read the basic note here.

We began on the 01st of December 2015, with a submission from one participant uploaded here, with 6 others in the 6 days following. We also created an event on Facebook here – Care 7 days 7 stories.


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