Asha: the warmth of hope

Day 06
December 06th, 2015

We received an email on this day with this strong, inspirational piece of personal sharing for inclusion in the Care 7 days 7 stories campaign.
Thank you Anna. Warm wishes and thoughts of love and support from all of us to you, Asha, to your family, friends, colleagues.


Care 7 days 7 stories

Care 7 days 7 stories

We couldn’t be more different as people but as siblings there isn’t a shred of a difference among us. The events of 2013 just underlined that with a very dark marker. Having lost our mother to ovarian cancer some years back the last thing any of us had in our minds was another fight with the Big C. Being diagnosed with Stage II Triple negative breast cancer was least expected that year, just when I had so much going positively in my life… career, family, the elder one poised for his board exams. Thanks to Asha, my sister, everything continued positively. She spread that warmth of hope and rallied around the family, a band of friends and my school colleagues as we took on chemo and its aftermath and sailed through that year in our life.

Help poured in as prayers, yoga, and people who took turns to stay with me. We found humour in what could have been moments of despair: be it losing a breast, hair and strength. We laughed our way through prosthesis selection, wig fittings and pencilling in eyebrows. The warmth of hope, I suppose that’s what a new born feels first, and I feel privileged to have felt it twice.
(Anna Chandy)

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