Day 02 Care 7 days 7 stories

Day 02
December 02nd, 2015

Day 02: Care 7 days 7 stories

Day 02: Care 7 days 7 stories

“I wondered how a person could look normal in flesh and blood., yet spend the day sleeping, needing to be pushed around with simple instructions, like a programmed robot or a bogey without an engine. It was frustrating for my engine (energy) to pull two bogies (his and my life). Until I discovered the energy of Buddhist chanting. Chanting with determination for a solution led me to doing the Landmark Education program which gave me access to the concept of possibility thinking and action. When I took a stand for this very dear person from a possibility of love, care and respect, he immediately started responding with responsibility and action. Today he is an insurance agent, a stockbroker. He cooks for the family, manages the home and is a solid support to my life. Now our relationship is so seamless that I don’t know who is the caregiver and who is the receiver. I urge people in similar situations to stay committed to finding a solution and the right one for there life will emerge! I have taken a stand for him to be medicine free and financially independent by end of January 2016.”
(Madhumita Chakraborty)

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  1. Madhumita says:

    Thanks all

  2. Runa Sood says:

    It’s all about grit and determination – and the ability to care deeply from within . Works both ways .
    I will do my best to help you .
    I will do my best to make it worth your while.
    Together we can make it through this !

  3. Anju says:

    When you are the author of your life’s story, you decide how the story ends. Admire your courage and commitment! Thanks for sharing.

  4. janet says:

    This is a very very inspiring story of taking back one’s power in a seemingly hopeless situation. Thank you Madhumita Chakraborty for sharing this experience with such generosity!

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