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“Janet and Shikha first located me in July 2010 online (they were looking for caregivers). When they described their vision of “Caregivers Link”, I was both excited and intimidated because their scope covered all caregivers, and included setting up various information hubs and resource databases and whatnots.  I was happy to give them whatever help I could. As a dementia caregiver and volunteer, I was already sharing my knowledge and experience with other dementia caregivers using various forums but I was also acutely aware of the huge gap between the support systems that caregivers needed and what was available.”
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“I am a caregiver of my 18 year old son, who has cerebral palsy and other learning issues. It has been a journey of pain, hardship, hassles, challenges, fatigue, helplessness and HOPE. I was desperately looking for some kind of social support to aid me in the challenges and daily hassles, especially in finding and sustaining hired care workers.  I just googled caregiver support india and there I was in their webpage.  That is how I came in contact with Caregivers Link. As I read through their exchange of information and plans ahead, I was so happy to get into this network.”
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“I enjoyed going through the Round Up which you have written so assiduously. Caregivers Link has done commendable work in these two years of its existence and the initiatives taken would go a long way in serving the cause of caregivers and thereby of care-receivers. The Directory Listing of Support Resources for Caregivers and Care-receivers was a worthwhile step taken and SAA was happy to support it. The concept of e-Focus Group Discussions is indeed innovative and I hope such groups expand and become a useful forum for sharing experiences and learning therefrom among caregivers.”
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“I think the intention is to increase awareness of the emotional NEEDS of the caregivers and also the demands of caregiving  for the caregiver and immediate family even after all medical intervention is available. I think we could:
– have talks at corporates as HR initiatives with a presentation and a caregiver narrating personal experience.
– We could invite employees who are caregivers to share.”
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“These are my basic views and comments; I loved your idea and implementation of E-focus Group discussion. Maybe this should not be constricted to a specific time period, it should always be alive, therefore I am suggesting below a forum where young doctors volunteer during discussions and counsel.”
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“You guys are doing great research and work on caregiving. I am impressed by the effort input by you and your team. One thing that concerns me is caregiving in rural parts of the country. How do you plan to reach the rural population which lacks health services and has a poor support system.”
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“Caregivers Link is an extremely relevant space that has the potential to support thousands of caregivers across the country. There is so much that needs to be done and Caregivers Link has made an excellent start in collecting resources, getting diverse groups to talk to one another and providing a much-needed (virtual) space for caregivers to share their experiences, fears, challenges and triumphs on their Facebook group. Wish you all the very best and look forward to your new initiatives.”
Prabha Nagaraja.

Click here to read our 2010 – 2012 Round-up – A note detailing key things we’ve been working at over two years.