Amrit Bakhshy

I enjoyed going through the Round Up which you have written so assiduously. Caregivers Link has done commendable work in these two years of its existence and the initiatives taken would go a long way in serving the cause of caregivers and thereby of care-receivers. The Directory Listing of Support Resources for Caregivers and Care-receivers was a worthwhile step taken and SAA was happy to support it. The concept of e-Focus Group Discussions is indeed innovative and I hope such groups expand and become a useful forum for sharing experiences and learning therefrom among caregivers.

The caregivers form the largest unpaid work force doing, what they are destined to do, out of love and bonding. As there is a huge shortage of medical professionals and infrastructure provided by the government is grossly inadequate, caregivers’ role becomes very significant. They are, however, not super human beings. They have wants and needs and must have time for rest and recuperation to prevent burn out. The families cannot afford to engage paid caregivers. Caregivers Link can help by motivating volunteers to provide relief to caregivers in exigencies.

Unfortunately UNCRPD has very little to say about the rights of families. Some of the countries have employment laws which provide for compassionate leave and time off for family caregivers. We also need similar legal provisions in our country. The NGOs which work for caregivers also need to be supported by the government. There are legal issues of guardianship and taking decisions in regard to medical treatment on behalf of the care-receivers especially in the case of mentally challenged and mentally disabled. If family caregivers are denied such rights as human right activists want, it will only harm the interests of the care-receivers.

I hope Caregivers Link will address the above issues in days to come.

My very best wishes to you and to Caregivers Link in your endeavours.
Amrit Bakhshy
(President, Schizophrenia Awareness Association)

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