Janaki Balakrishnan

I am a caregiver of my 18 year old son, who has cerebral palsy and other learning issues. It has been a journey of pain, hardship, hassles, challenges, fatigue, helplessness and HOPE. I was desperately looking for some kind of social support to aid me in the challenges and daily hassles, especially in finding and sustaining hired care workers.  I just googled caregiver support india and there I was in their webpage.  That is how I came in contact with caregivers’ link. As I read through their exchange of information and plans ahead, I was so happy to get into this network.

Foremost, I had unmet friends who were ready to listen. This kind of sharing relieved my stress and gave me a frame of reference for solutions to my problems. I was invited to share the problems of parenting a special child in one of the FGDs and was amazed at the discussion which was very intense, insightful and constructive. One thing I would really like to appreciate about this network is the way they sat down analyzing problems and issues in care giving systematically and practically by asking us directly, and not from any professional literature. Thank you for that opportunity, CGL. I think they should continue to do this very often with different kinds of care givers.

Second, I am sure that their bringing people together will lead to synergizing resources. As I read the 2012 round up document, I can only marvel at their efforts, time and thought put together in working on this cause and am very appreciative about their future vision. The idea about a social venture is very exciting and I think it will be a great success.

My foremost thrust would be setting up trained manpower agencies region wise. There have been many recommendations made out of various discussions and sharing in the forum. As caregivers, I am sure there are many others like me who would be interested to work on something to create a better life for their loved ones. I think CGL should create cluster groups of similar interests and support them with logistics and marketing to work in different avenues for caregiving needs.

Above all, I think that CGL’s primary role should be advocacy, lobbying, grievance and redress council, and may extend to other adjunct roles in creating services and utilities to facilitate caregiving. It has been a pleasure and blessing to be a part of this group.

Janaki Balakrishnan.
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