Prarthana Simha

These are my basic views and comments; I loved your idea and implementation of E-focus Group discussion. Maybe this should not be constricted to a specific time period, it should always be alive, therefore I am suggesting below a forum where young doctors volunteer during discussions and counsel.

•       Basic issue of time and energy can be addressed by massive enrollment of local volunteers in 2 age groups, first the younger college students for help over weekends/holidays, secondly the older generation or homemakers who have time on their hands and are eager and willing to learn something new and to eager to do something for society.

•       Both can be enrolled for classes and training in field of their interest (Homecare/Counseling / medical help for senior citizens /accompanying senior citizens to hospitals Or doctor’s visit during emergencies etc) and help can be sought from various agencies like ARDSI / NIMHANS  etc for their training.

•       Caregivers respond well to Volunteers who associate with them regularly, and stay in touch with them over phone /email even when there is no emergency.

•       Provision for training of nurses – At present not many nurses / home help come with any idea or training needed to deal with patients. The skill needed for nurses to deal with dementia patients is totally absent, I was lost when I had to deal with my father when he developed Alzheimer’s, and I was totally dependent on the internet to understand his problems and educated the nurse myself.

•       One stop shop for all problems- The main problems the caregivers face is how to deal with crisis/emergencies, we need to have a panel of doctors who can advise online for basic problems and answer questions and just reduce the tension faced by caregivers. I know a few young Doctors in Bangalore who will be willing to volunteer their time online. I can send a list of such Volunteers from Bangalore.

•       Local Directory of Nursing facility, Doctors , Hospitals, Volunteers – both for hospital stay and helping caregivers during emergencies.

•       Day care facility for patients- for help in giving respite to caregivers. I am thinking of starting something on these lines, any ideas and inputs will be appreciated.

•       Help for caregivers in arranging for cheap medicines, adult diapers etc. We can have a list of wholesale medical suppliers who can deliver medicines to the doorstep. I can compile a list of such dealers in Bangalore and send; it may be of some help.

These are just my basic ideas, If I come up with anything else I will be in touch.
Prarthana Simha

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