Supriya Dutt

I think the intention is to increase awareness of the emotional NEEDS of the caregivers and also the demands of caregiving  for the caregiver and immediate family even after all medical intervention is available.

I think we could:

– have talks at corporates as HR initiatives with a presentation and a caregiver narrating personal experience. We could invite employees who are caregivers to share. Since this would not involve any cost it may be  acceptable from the employee wellbeing initiatives.
– we could tie up with hospitals/ doctors to refer families who get into caregiving for the elderly to make them aware and provide support to the primary caregiver. Something like the cancer support groups. In fact ma’s doctor actually did just that soon after ma passed away.
– We could offer counselling services- This should be paid maybe.
– We could have caregiver groups meet informally for sharing experiences. This would also have to start at someone’s home/ club so that costs are not there.

Will revert if I think of anything though you may have already thought of the above.

Supriya Dutt

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