Report: Needs Identification Workshop

In April 2013 we facilitated a Needs Identification Workshop with a group of caregivers to family members dealing with challenges to mental health.

This group knew each other reasonably well as they are registered with the Schizophrenia Awareness Association in Pune, and the workshop was held in collaboration with SAA on their premises. The safety of this space and the comfort of familiarity with each other and the environment enabled these carers to speak about the issues and challenges they and their care receivers and loved ones face or faced in the past, identify needs and discuss their perspectives on possible directions for solutions.

This interaction and much of the information, questions and issues that emerged, deserves focus and attention. We are sharing our report on the event here – click to read the report – Seeking Solutions – a Needs Identification Workshop with caregivers to persons facing mental health challenges.

Our volunteer at the workshop, Cristina, wrote a piece on her experience of the workshop as well and you can read that here – As a volunteer for Caregivers Link