‘What is care?’ Talking to the volunteers behind this campaign.

A theme picked from an interview.

A theme picked from an interview.

Here is a small sneak peek into the thoughts of the volunteers from Fergusson College, Mallika Padhi and Madhura Deshmukh, the driving forces behind the campaign.

What would be your most valuable learning from the people you interacted with during the campaign?

Mallika: When we came up with the idea that we will work on a campaign, we decided we will interview people asking them what care is – according to them. I never thought that we will come up with so many different aspects of care and I think that is the most valuable learning experience that I got during this campaign.

Madhura: It was a great experience working for the social media campaign overall, with a lot of ups and downs and challenges. The most valuable lesson I learnt would be that setting deadlines is not easy. You have to give a lot of thought to it when you set deadlines. And the lesson I learnt from the people I interviewed is that everyone has interesting stories to tell. Be it the Maushis at the school, the housewives, everyone has great stories to tell … and there were a lot of perspectives of care that I never imagined as also being care.

What do you think was the most challenging task right from conception to execution?

Madhura: The most challenging task right from conception to execution would be the technical issues. There were a lot of problems right from the transfer of videos to the uploading. So I learnt a lot about the logistics, time management and, of course, communicating with everyone. I also learnt a lot from Mallika. She has done a great job.

Theme from an interview at an inclusive school.

Theme from an interview at an inclusive school.

What has been your favourite moment during the course of the campaign?

Madhura: My favourite part of the campaign would be going to Ankur. When we went there, it was very different. Although, it is in our college campus, I had never visited Ankur before and I got to hear the experiences of the teachers, the maushis, and everyone. The kids were so cute and I realised that care is everywhere. A person starts caring about the people around them right from their childhood and every human being has that special side of themselves.

(Asterilla Monteiro)

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Watch the interview bytes we posted during this campaign at the links below:-

Ankur Vidyamandir (Inclusive school)
Ankur Vidyamandir (Inclusive school) (2)
Family (2)

Visit the event page on Facebook here. 

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