‘What is care?’ Talking to the volunteers (Part 2)

(Asterilla, one of our volunteers from Fergusson, Pune, interviewed her team mates to capture their experiences working on ‘What is care?’ This is part 2 of that interview. Part 1 is here.)


Theme from an interview.

Theme from an interview.

What do you think was the most challenging task right from conception to execution?

Mallika: I think there was no specific thing that was challenging, the whole campaign has been very challenging. The conception was very easy. There was this one day when all the volunteers sat together and we brainstormed and we came up with this idea of having a social media campaign where we will interview people in different languages and we will focus on three areas: family, friends and an organisation that has professional care experience. But the execution part of it was much more difficult than what we had anticipated.


To try to overcome our problems, we tried to get more organised by setting certain deadlines and create steps to follow. Of course, all our deadlines went haywire when we had technical glitches. But in the end, I think we pulled it off.

What has been your favourite moment during the course of the campaign?

Sushrut Abhyankar joins the extended family of volunteers and edits the interviews.

Sushrut Abhyankar joins the extended family of volunteers and edits the interviews.

Mallika: My favourite moment during the course of the campaign was when I finally saw the raw footage, the transcriptions, the words that we had worked on for about a month and a half finally come together and form the video. Watching the complete video was amazing.

Madhura: Personally, the campaign was a roller coaster ride for me. Like a roller coaster, the beginning was easy on us. It did not take much to come up with the concept. However, the further we went, the more challenging, fun and intense the campaign became.


Between all the technical problems, missed deadlines and translations, emerged an unimaginable experience for the three of us with lessons like time management and support that will last us a lifetime.

(Asterilla Monteiro)

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