This section of the site attempts to put together and maintain listings of diverse resources for the reference of users. We begin with some resources we have designed and offer in care settings, that help foster an environment where the focus is on the person and where interpersonal transactions are based on empathy, understanding and acceptance of the diversity of human experience. Please read more about Life Story Work and about Kahani aur Kahanikar.

We do not guarantee or endorse the other resources listed here and all of the information on these resource people or organisations are included here as possibilities a user may like to explore for themselves. These are not specific or diagnostic recommendations.

If you would like to be listed as a resource professional or organisation please email us your details.

Resources for Caregivers – These resources are for caregivers to use to support themselves.

Resources for Care receivers – Caregivers may possibly be able to use some of these resources to support the people they are looking after.

Government bodies – Various governmental support schemes and interventions exist for the benefit of persons across health / ability circumstances  – we are in the process of listing these here.

Before you continue on to any of these resources there are some important things we’d like to state here:

(1) Resources are in two broad categories. One is a general category and the other is specific to medical and other circumstances requiring care.

(2) Some of these resources we have personally established contact with, on the basis of which we have put down some additional information that you may find useful.

(3) We are requesting all users of any of these resources to write in user reviews and feedback that could help others who may need to access the same resource.