Resources for the visually challenged

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Internet resources

Inclusive Planet –provides a platform for social networking that can be accessed by those who are visually or print impaired. According to the website, it was designed specially for the blind, started in October 2009 and currently has 4000 users from 78 countries and 2000 of them are from India. You can jump to it here.


National Association for the Blind
The NAB was set up in 1952 and registered as a Trust in 1953. Since then it has invested energy, resources and expertise into evolving solutions across products, services, education, vocational training, and economic justice and empowerment. Activities also include research and studies and advocacy aimed at bringing about policy changes and initiating government schemes for the benefit of the visually impaired. The website is informative and easy to navigate.

They have many state branches. Contact details are on their website.

National Association for the Blind, India
Department of Employment, 2nd Floor,
11 / 12, Khan Abdul Gaffar Road,
Worli Seaface, Mumbai – 400 025
Phone Number: +91-22-24988134
Fax Number: +91-22-24932539

Retina India
Organisation working with people and the family and friends of persons diagnosed with retinal disorders. Retina India attempts to bring together experts, counsellors, researchers, patients and carers on a common platform of support and resources.

Retina India, c/o Arvind Bhartiya, Ridhi Sidhi Bhavan, 2nd floor 2/12, Babu Genu Road, Mumbai 400 002, INDIA
Phone: +91-22-2205 2308 (11am-6pm Monday to Friday)
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For medical information:

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