Our Kahani aur Kahanikar experience!

Mallika and I volunteered to help Shikha with a Teacher Training Workshop at Ankur Vidyamandir, an inclusive school located in the Fergusson College Campus. The workshop, a very interesting experience, was the first of its kind that I attended. It dealt with preparing the teachers for the ‘Kahani aur Kahanikar’ program.

Something to think about... Kahani aur Kahanikar training session.

Something to think about… Kahani aur Kahanikar training session.

Mallika says, “It was a very interesting workshop. The main concept of the workshop (storytelling as one of the ways which can help self-expression, build self-esteem, develop a good self-concept) really interested me because I had never attended anything like this before. I think the participants felt the same way. The activities were very simple yet thought provoking. During the discussions, very small but important things entered the picture. This I really liked.”


I thought that the exercises and activities that were a part of the workshop were pivotal in helping us realise how important the individual is and how unique each person. One of the things that stood out the most for me was the ability of an object to remind different people about different incidents that were close to their hearts. It was a beautiful reminder of how we attach memories to physical objects. Another important lesson from the workshop was the need for people to express themselves and the significance of a safe space to do so. It also brought out the key role of a listener or audience in the entire equation.

Mallika and I both agreed that the workshop was truly something distinctive. We look forward to more of Kahani aur Kahanikar.

Asterilla Monteiro

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