Life Story work.

Life Story work – what is it?

zebraम॓री कहानी – Each of us has a story, a personal history, with events, people, circumstances, actions, responses, feelings, insights, thought, learning and milestones that define who we are. These are chapters and bytes in a life story. Once upon a time when life was different, we shared these stories with friends and family with greater ease and connected at a deeper level with one another.

Life Story activity is a facilitated process, by which an individual shares and records their own life story, in part or whole. It is a form of autobiography. The Life Story process is essentially a creative process, and a collaborative process, where the individual, the facilitator and very often family and significant others/friends interact and communicate to fill in the details of a life. These details may be recorded by the individual themselves, as writing, as sketch and drawing, as an audio or audio-visual recording. It is a narrative.

A toolkit of questions and conversation aids, objects important to the individual, personal memorabilia – are used to help create a life story. The end result in terms of a ‘product’ may be a collection of loose leaf drawing sheets in a binder, a notebook, a scrapbook, audio/video recordings or a combination of any of these.

This is a brief introduction to Life Story work as we currently understand it. We hope that this short note catalyses discussion and exploration of Life Story programmes as a shared, activity based, alternative to the conversations we no longer seem to have the time for. We are aware of the Life Story process being used in some other countries to work in care settings. We are choosing to adapt it for the many opportunities it brings for the sharing of ourselves.

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