Life Story work at SRCF

In December 2015, Caregivers Link got in touch with Sanctus Rehabilitation Care Foundation (SRCF).

Among the many interesting and crucial things they do in the field of care, is offer the services of a multi-activity centre for seniors at Wanawrie in Pune. We had multiple conversations with SRCF team members, particularly Jaya and Dev. It was clear from our first meeting that this team is happy to create a platform where service users at their multi-activity centre can enjoy interacting, sharing, telling stories, drawn from their own lives and experiences, ie, ‘Meri Kahani’. This gave us the opportunity to design guidelines and a process map for facilitating life story work in an organised care setting. As part of preliminary homework, we met and spoke to registered service users and had indepth conversations with their family members. This gave us a perspective on how to approach life stories in a way that strengthens the positive, while being aware of the potential challenges of the process.

To know more about the concept of Life Story work, read what we have put together here – Life Story work – What is it?

Life Story work at EKansh Trust

More about the Key Principles of Life Story work.
Why do Life Story work?
Who can facilitate and conduct Life Story activities?




  1. Nidhi says:

    This is a beautiful initiative and the name ‘Meri Kahani’ is so apt. Kudos to the entire team and also loads of wishes for successful beginnings anf even greater results. Just a query – would you be recording these sessions? As in – a video for each individual that you conduct these ‘visits down memory lane with’ ? Later you could have a channel on YouTube uploading these stories and who knows touching how many lives. All the best!!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you Nidhi for your support, thoughts and feedback. One very important part of the process is to maintain confidentiality and follow a code of conduct when working on life stories. So yes the video etc idea is solid, but can only be done with individuals willing to share a part of their personal process with the wider public. I am very glad you thought of this. The rights and authorship rest with the individual who is participating in the process. So from our side we are clear about this approach to the work. We will be getting in touch with you to help us with the work ahead! Thank you :-)

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