Families of children with special needs

Please share your experiences and help create this resource listing. We are looking for professional organisations and individuals who work with and support parents and the families of children with special needs.


Pathway – Set up in Chennai in 1975, has worked with over 50000 children. They have an initiative called ‘Parent’s Association of Pathway‘. They also have an outreach program called ‘Homebound‘ which offers training to parents and family caregivers in therapy routines for their child. The website gives detailed information.  “Every individual should be given the opportunity to utilize their potential in order to live with dignity and self-respect, regardless of mental or physical limitations.” -ADSN Prasad, Founder-Director, Pathway.
Sudha Subramaniam
Pathway, E 76/1 12th West Street, Kamraj Nagar, Tiruvanmiyur
Chennai – 600 041, Tamil Nadu
Ph: +91-44-24483949
Website: http://www.pathway-india.com/

AIKYA‘s vision is “to enhance the quality of life of individuals with special needs through education and training to enable them to achieve their fullest potential and integrate them into mainstream society. The organization assumes a very pragmatic and proactive approach in working with Children with different abilities.” Children as early as a few months can be taken to Aikya and a personalised development programme is created for each child. Aikya also organises short term training courses for parents and volunteers. Aikya Foundation welcomes qeries and assures that they will be answered within 48 hours.

Parvathy Viswanath
AIKYA – Centre To Integrate the Different
New 7, Bhagirathi Street, R A Puram
Chennai – 600028 Tamil Nadu
Ph:+91-44- 9444960643
Email: info@aikya.org
Web: http://www.aikya.org/index.htm



The Handicapped Children’s Parents Association (HCPA), is a Delhi based organisation, formed by the parents of children with cerebral palsy. Our understanding of HCPA’s work based on the information in their website is that they aim to create residential homes for children who survive their parents and therefore lose their caregivers. They have one such home called Sneh Kunj in Dwarka, New Delhi. The contact details given in the website are:
Plot # K (Institutional) Sector-5 Dwarka, New Delhi 110075 INDIA
Phone : 011-25088188
E-Mail: hcpaindia@yahoo.com
Pres. Ashok Verma   9310806161
Secy. Sushil Kumar  9313990579


VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation, supports organisations that work on issues faced by deaf children and their families across India. The organisation works in Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Gujarat, West Bengal, Karnataka and Maharashtra. The focus of their programs and interventions is creating tools and support that can help build the capacity of family caregivers and professionals who look after a deaf child.
Contact: Ms.Brinda Crishna
VAANI Deaf Children’s Foundation
9 D Annapurna Apts, (Near Tivoli Court), 68 Ballygunge Circular Road
Kolkata – 700019, West Bengal
Website: http://vaani.in/