Tips for Caregivers

Tips for caregivers – is primarily from caregivers sharing their own stories and experiences.The new caregiver‘ is one of our themes – along with a Download pdf –  ‘For those new to caregiving’ – shared by a caregiver. We also have a piece written by Gurudatt Kundapurkar of the Schizophrenia Awareness Association, distilling some of the thoughts and wisdom of caregivers that has emerged from self-help group meetings.)


This section of the site also includes themes such as Relationships, as taking on the role of a caregiver affects almost all of one’s relationships. Links are an assorted collection of diverse informative and interesting links to sites caregivers may find useful.

Counseling sessions with both patient and caregiver together would be helpful…
this way the patient does not think that his/her family member is deserting him/her
if they need a break or some time out.

(Averil Gomes, Co-caregiver)

Every person who takes on the role of caregiver to family member or friend, no matter what the circumstances, goes through a personal journey, dealing with practical reality, life changing circumstances, dealing with their own mental, emotional, spiritual and health issues even as they take on the management / life-assistance required by the person they are looking after.

Link to an interesting article ‘Caring for the caregiver’ here.

As a community, Caregivers in India have mostly remained isolated, unable to share experiences, wisdom and feelings. Yet there have been some platforms of support, some reaching out through blogging, through dialogues focussing primarily on patient care and patient support.

Link to The Caregivers’ Foundation – a support group, therapy and educational initiative begun by a caregiver.

Family of co-caregivers (We are calling for inputs from caregivers and their families for this subject. Please email your feedback and thoughts or upload them using the form below.)