For folks with family and friends in Los Angeles, visit the website of home care Los Angeles for home care services provided by 24 Hour Caregivers.

Written by Dr.Vasundhra Atre on the theme of caregivers and caregiving.

Website of The Caregivers’ Foundation, working to create support groups and educational, awareness and therapeutic interventions for caregivers. and

Blogsite and website of Swapna Kishore, caregiver, writer, blogger, software consultant – sharing thoughts, feelings, experiences on caregiving.

Blogsite of Archana Jahagirdar, caregiver, writer, journalist – shares her caregiving journey.

A massive resource site with a wide spectrum of information on diverse issues relating to disability; quoting from their website … “The Disability India Network, India’s one-stop site for comprehensive information related to disability in India, is hosted by the Society for Child Development.”

They have a legal aid cell … “For free legal aid for persons with disabilities, their caregivers and service providers.”

The website of the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (N.C.P.E.D.P.) … “aims to be a complete resource on issues pertaining to disability”…

ADAPT was formerly ‘The Spastics Society of India’, founded by Dr. Mithu Alur. … “Services include assessment, infant stimulation, therapy, counseling, inclusive education, skills training and job placement, continuum of support services and home management programmes for children and young adults with disability.”

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